1.C-Clear® Brand story

The air pollution in the car has become the four focus complaints after the automobile transmission, airbag and automobile tire. The main reason is that the harmful chemical substances (VOC) emitted by the automobile interior parts will cause serious damage to the human body. To fundamentally improve the air pollution in the car, it is necessary to control from the source and use environmental friendly materials to manufacture automobile parts.

C-Clear® is an ultra-low emission plastic developed by Kumho-sunny for the problem of air pollution in cars. According to the test results of many third-party authorities,C-Clear® compared with the traditional automobile interior plastic, the emission is reduced by more than 60%, which can effectively reduce the air pollution in the car, so it has become the best choice for good car interior plastic that pays attention to the health of users.

Reduce VOC, good car C-Clear® Low emission plastic.

2.C-Clear® core technology 

1) Molecular design

Starting from polymerization, effectively control the production of residual monomers and low molecular oligomers.

The use of special compatibilizers can effectively prevent the degradation of materials and repair the chain extension of small molecules.

2) Molecular level cleaning

For low molecular harmful chemicals that are easy to emit, realize molecular level cleaning.

3) Processing stabilization control

Study and optimize the processing technology to ensure the low emission of the final plastic products.

3.C-Clear® Brand

4.C-Clear® VS Current interior materials

C-Clear® compared with the current traditional interior plastics, the emission is reduced by more than 60%. In the VOC emission detection of major engine plants around the world, C-clear® always win by far.

VOC emission comparison of traditional interior plastic and C-clear®

5.C-Clear®'s main applications

Low emission plastic - C-clear® It is mainly used in automotive interior parts. With its excellent performance in low VOC emission, it has been favored by many vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers. For example, Volvo cars, which is famous for its "Scandinavian clean air in the car", began to use plastic cleaner on the first domestic model S60L. At the same time, plastic cleaner is also widely used in Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen and many other models, becoming the best choice for good car interior plastics that pay attention to the health of users.


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