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Kumho-sunny KUMSOLLAN® KSE50 series products are thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) modified with hydrogenated styrene front-end copolymer (SEBS) as the base material, which have excellent characteristics such as soft touch, high elasticity and good weather resistance, and can be 100% recycled for use. KUMSOLLAN® KSE51 series products are thermoplastic elastomers based on TPV technology, which have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, good processability, and excellent appearance, and are especially applicable for interior and exterior automotive trims. KUMSOLLAN® KSU 61 series products are blends of SEBS and thermoplastic polyurethane, which can be used for secondary injection molding with engineering plastics such as PC, ABS, PBT, and PMMA, and have excellent adhesion. Kumho-sunny KUMSOLLAN® elastomers are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, electronic appliances, wires and cables, leisure daily use and other fields.

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SMA+GF alloy is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent performance, which has the characteristics of high heat resistance, high modulus, good processing performance, good long-term aging performance, good chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low odor, and is widely used in automotive dashboards and other components.

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PMMA/ABS alloy has the characteristics of ultra-high gloss, high surface hardness, good scratch resistance, excellent weather resistance, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of spray coating-free, the product is environmentally friendly, and the harmony between man and nature is realized. Taking into account the actual needs of customers, Kumho-sunny's high-quality HAM series has better fluidity and a more beautiful surface, of which, the HAM Black series has unparalleled blackness, realizing the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. The products are widely used in the shells and front decorative frames of household appliances such as large computer monitors, LCD TVs, and speakers. ABS has excellent comprehensive performance and is widely used in automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, toys, etc. However, the characteristics of low surface hardness, poor weather resistance and opacity limit the widespread use of ABS in some fields. For example, the concept of environmental protection design is becoming more and more popular, and some products with higher requirements on appearance, such as high-end washing machine panels and LCD TV casings, have higher requirements on the scratch resistance of the base material because the spraying process is omitted. Pencil hardness is usually required to be above the F level, and a single ABS resin is usually not competent. PMMA is a brittle material, and even the impact-modified commercial PMMA has only 3-5KJ/m2 notched impact strength, which is difficult to meet the toughness requirements of most molded products. Blending modification is one of the main ways to improve material properties, just as PC/ABS blends can be widely used. PMMA/ABS has the comprehensive properties of scratch resistance, light resistance, high gloss, impact improvement and easy processing, and can obtain transparency through reasonable design, and its dyed products are favored because of their unique visual effects. As early as 2004, Shanghai Kumho-sunny cooperated with several domestic home appliance suppliers to develop scratch-resistant, spray coating-free high-gloss PMMA/ABS materials, and designed transparent, ultra-high flow and other high-performance PMMA/ABS series products, which were successful used in electronic and electrical housings and panel materials, etc. With the design of large-size, thin-walled and light-weight LCD products, PMMA/ABS alloy has gradually demonstrated the incomparable advantages of traditional high-gloss ABS and PC/ABS. Under the market orientation of pursuing aesthetics, PMMA/ABS has obtained the best opportunity for promotion and application.

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The PET material ranks first in the toughness of thermoplastics. As an engineering plastic, it also has excellent fatigue resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical properties, and low water absorption. Reinforcement and flame retardant modification can significantly improve its heat resistance, modulus, dimensional stability and flame retardancy, and are widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic industries.

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PBT/PET (HEB series) not only maintains the good processability, low temperature resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance of thermoplastic polyester, but also improves the crystallinity of PET, and has excellent heat resistance, high gloss and good dimensional stability.

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PBT/ASA alloy is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent performance, which maintains the good processing fluidity, high heat resistance, cold resistance and chemical resistance of PBT, and improves the impact toughness and dimensional stability of PBT. The dimensional stability, impact performance and warpage of PBT/ASA are obviously improved after being reinforced by glass fiber.

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