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PC/PET alloy has good hardness and heat resistance, excellent low temperature impact strength and chemical resistance. Among them, KCA series has the characteristics of heat resistance, impact resistance, high strength, high gloss and flame retardant, which can completely replace PC and PC/ABS. The corresponding grades include: KCA9341NH, KCA9351NH, HTC6060, KCA9360, KCA9361, KCA9362, and KCA9363.

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PC/PBT alloy not only maintains the chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and easy forming characteristics of crystalline material PBT, but also has the toughness and dimensional stability of amorphous material PC. The corresponding grades include HCB9230, HCB9230M, HCB9240, HCB9310G, HCB9320G, and HCB9330G.

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PC/ASA alloys combine the heat resistance, high strength, and toughness of PC with the weather resistance, chemical resistance, and processability of ASA, especially applicable for direct use outdoors, and the corresponding grades include HSC7045, HSC7060, HSC7079, HSC7079Z, and HSC7079NH.

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PC/AES alloy is a kind of material with excellent performance, which retains the advantages of high strength, good toughness and high heat resistance of PC, and at the same time improves the disadvantages of poor stress cracking resistance and poor chemical resistance of PC, and also has excellent weather resistance even in harsh climatic conditions. It can maintain the color and luster of the resin itself after long-term exposure, especially applicable for outdoor products, swimming pool accessories, building materials, automotive parts, antenna accessories, etc, and the corresponding grades include HEC0245, HEC0275, and HEC0255B.

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Polycarbonate PC is an engineering plastic with balanced mechanical properties, thermal properties and electrical properties. Flame retardant and enhanced modification of PC can improve the flame retardancy and dimensional stability of products, and are widely used in electrical and electronic industries. The corresponding grades include PC2203I, PC2203HI, HCG2530HG, HCG2510MP, HCG2520MP, HCG2530MP, HCG2510, HCG2520, HCG2530, PC2500FR, PC2501FR, PC2502NH, HCG2510FR, HCG2520FR, HCG2530FR, PC3603, 202PC36501NH, and PC36503NH.

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