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COLORFUL-IN® is a free-spraying aesthetic plastic that can be injection molded and extruded in one shot. Through the integration of C (color), M (raw material technology), and P (molding process), it can better solve the problems of flow marks and weld lines encountered in spray coating-free plastics, and greatly improve the appearance and texture of plastic products.


The products of POLY-ENABLING® have been modified and upgraded around the functional characteristics of sound, light, electricity, heat, magnetism and surface, and have successively launched a series of functional plastic solutions. 


Ecoblend® (Recycled environmentally friendly plastic) series of environmentally friendly resin is the one that Kumho-sunny has incorporated the concept of ecological environmental protection into material design, and relying on the advantages of synthetic technology, successfully launched the performance and appearance of the environmentally friendly resins comparable to those of virgin materials, including the addition of PCC (Post consumer content) of environmentally friendly resins, bio-based modified PLA resins and non-petroleum-based PA resins. Each Ecoblend® particle has passed the strict Ecoblend® management triangle test to ensure PCC quality and batch stability. The PCC ratio (30%-80%) can be adjusted according to customer needs, and different flame-retardant level can be designed to meet the customized needs of clients. Ecoblend® has also passed the Yellow Card, EU Green Certification, etc,.


C-Clear® reduces emissions by 60% compared to traditional automotive interior plastics. In the VOC emission testing of major vehicle operations around the world, C-Clear® always wins by far! Therefore, it is becoming the preferred choice for luxury cars!


What more expensive plastics can an upgraded HIPS beat?

Modified plastics technology and innovative solutions

the leader of Modified Plastics Technology And Innovative Solutions

Kumho-sunny firmly believes in the concept of ""Being one of the best in order to be needed by customers",From the leading number of invention patents of PC/ABS and ABS, to the COLORFUL-IN® and POLY-ENABLING®, we continue to lead the category innovation.

Kumho-sunny - a front-runner in modified plastics technology and innovative solutions.(Note: The data comes from the Patent Search and Consulting Center of the State Intellectual Property Office. As of June 2020, Kumho-sunny has 316 patents in the PC/ABS and ABS fields, ranking 1st among similar

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About Kumho-sunny

About Kumho-sunny

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