Ecoblend® (recycled ECO-friendly plastic) features

Environmental protection: the content of PCR (PC&PET&ABS) can be 30% - 80%, which is leading in the industry and meets the certification requirements of EPEAT, WEEE, ROHS and CEC.

Performance: the internationally leading end capped chain expansion technology greatly improves the performance and quality stability of the material

Chemical resistance: the water resistance of PCR-PC/PET is greater than that of pet, and the chemical resistance is greater than that of PC/ABS

Cost: reduce the recycling cost of waste plastics

Material certification: passed UL94 flame retardant certification and China environmental label (type II) product certification

Ecoblend® (recycled ECO-friendly plastic) material certification: 

Ecoblend® (recycled ECO-friendly plastic) products comply with internationally renowned environmental recognition directives such as EPEAT, WEEE, ROHS and CEC, and have obtained the following patents and Certifications:

Obtained ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certificate.

UL94 V0 yellow card certification, E254819.

A halogen-free flame retardant resin composition containing recycled PC/ recycled PET is certified as an environment-friendly technical product by China Association of Environmental Sciences.

ABS/PETPAE97XX,HIPSHFH44XXR,PC/ABSHAC8251NH,China environmental label (type II) product certification certificate of central United (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd.


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