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PC/ABS HAC8250 (tax included 30RMB)

Platform products selected by more than ten OEMs

HAC8250 is a high heat resistant PC/ABS alloy resin with high heat resistance, high strength, high toughness and low emission, which is mainly used in automobile interior and exterior trim parts, such as: center stack, IP frame, tail light base, spoiler, etc.

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Heat-resistant ASA NA34 (tax included 24RMB)

First in domestic market share

The heat-resistant ASA is mainly used for automotive exterior parts such as rear-view mirrors, radiator grilles, door triangles, etc. The corresponding grades include: XC180, XC230, XC811, XC230-HW, XC811-HW, and XC230G.

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Plastic Sunny®LM200 PP Bright Silver (tax included 34RMB)

Spray free and flow mark free products

LM200 is a high-bright silver spray coating-free aesthetic plastic with PP as the base material. Its appearance is characterized by a bright silver metal texture, which is similar to the appearance of spray products.

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Ecoblend® KCA9371NH (tax included 34RMB)

Halogen-free flame retardant PC alloy with 72.05% PCR material content

Post-Consumer Recycle (PCR) Ecoblend® KCA9371NH is a halogen-free flame retardant PC alloy with 72.05% PCR material content. As an environmentally friendly material with high PCR content, KCA9371NH has the same mold shrinkage rate as general halogen-free flame retardant PC/ABS, and can be produced in the same mold with the existing flame retardant PC/ABS. KCA9371NH meets the requirements of RoHS, Reach, Proposition65 and other regulations, has stable flame retardant performance and excellent mechanical properties, and is widely used in printers, computers and consumer electronic products.

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Special engineering PPS+30GF / PPS+40GF

PPS RSG06 and RSG08 have characteristic of high modulus, high strength, ultra-low water absorption (near zero water absorption), high dimensional stability, high flame retardancy (UL V0 level), aging resistance (can be used for a long time above 200 ℃), high flow, and high chemical resistance.

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PP material for conductive pipette tips (tax included 28RMB)


Kumho-sunny has successfully developed PP material for conductive pipette tips, which has been used in batches for a long time on various specifications of pipette tips from leading customers in a certain industry, providing strong support for epidemic prevention and testing.

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