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Flame retardant PC/ABS

Flame retardant PC/ABS plastic alloys are divided into halogenated flame retardant PC/ABS and halogen-free flame retardant PC/ABS. Among them, halogen-free flame-retardant PC/ABS is divided into: high-gloss halogen-free flame-retardant PC/ABS and scratch-resistant halogen-free flame-retardant PC/ABS. High-gloss halogen-free flame-retardant PC/ABS implementation: 1. Improve the fluidity of the substrate 2. Control the rubber particle size in the ABS 3. Prefer anti-drip agents 4. Improve the thermal stability of the material. 5. Select the appropriate process. Scratch-resistant halogen-free flame retardant PC/ABS performance improvement plan: A. Improve the hardness of the material itself B. Reduce the friction coefficient of the surface of the product, so that the surface of the product is not easy to be scratched. Flame retardant PC/ABS, used in computer monitor casings, copiers, printers, mobile phone casings, etc, and the corresponding grades include: HAC8200FR, HAC8250FR, HAC8250FR-H, HAC8265FR, HAC8250NH, HAC8250NH(M), HAC8250NH(H), HAC8251NH, and HAC8290NH.

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Enhanced PC/ABS

Enhanced PC/ABS is mainly used in automotive parts, power tool housings and high dimensional stability parts, and the corresponding grades include HAC8250TC, HAC5010G, HAC5020G, and HAC5030G. The additive amount of glass fiber commonly used in the market to enhance PC/ABS is mostly below 30%, because adding too much glass fiber will cause a serious decrease in the surface gloss of the material, often manifested as exposed glass fiber. <1> Effect on tensile/flexural properties. With the increase of glass fiber content, the strength increases slowly, and the modulus increases obviously. <2> Influence of impact performance. Additive amount of 5% glass fiber makes the impact strength drop greatly, after that, the impact change is no longer obvious. <3> Influence of heat resistance. Glass fiber has limited impact on heat resistance, which is a major feature of amorphous materials. In addition, after adding glass fiber, the shrinkage rate of the material is reduced, and it is basically stable at 0.1%-0.3% after adding 20% glass fiber. After adding glass fiber, the surface gloss of the material will be seriously reduced. In order to improve the appearance, the methods often used including: adding additives, such as brightener, improving the flow of the material, selecting ultra-fine glass fiber, first making glass fiber master-batch and then secondary processing, etc.

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PC/ABS for mobile phone

PC/ABS for mobile phones is specially used for mobile phone shells, so that the mobile phone shells have excellent texture and bright colors, and the corresponding grades include HAC8260H, HAC8265H, and HAC8270HF.

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Matte PC/ABS

With the introduction of the automotive ELV ordinance, there is a demand for more thermoplastic materials that can be directly recycled without the need for a process of discrete thermoset paint films. Therefore, matte PC/ABS has become a hot spot in the market. Matte PC/ABS, mainly used for spray coating-free auto parts, and the corresponding grades include HAC8250Z, and HAC8260Z. In order to achieve a good matte effect, it is necessary to first understand the principle of extinction. The reduction of the surface gloss of the material can be achieved by the incompatibility of the two substances or the principle of polymer cross-linking. When the polymer alloy added with the matting agent is injected into a product, the incompatibility of the material itself or the microencapsulation effect caused by chemical cross-linking will form a micro-roughness (concave-convex) effect on the surface of the material. When the incident light reaches the micro-rough surface, the reflection direction of the light changes, and diffuse reflection occurs, resulting in a low-gloss appearance and the purpose of extinction.

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Weatherproof PC/ABS

On account of the butadiene component in ABS contains double bonds, molecular bonds are easily broken under long-term light conditions, and there is a risk of discoloration when PC/ABS is light-colored and used in outdoor products, which affects the appearance of the product. Weatherproof PC/ABS plastic alloy, mainly used for car lamps, computer casings, mobile phone casings, etc, and the corresponding grades include HAC8250W.

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Coating PC/ABS

Coating PC/ABS is mainly used for auto parts and mobile phone casings that have spraying requirements, and the corresponding grades include HAC8245G, HAC8265G, and HAC8265P.

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