Industry application: helmet (electric motorcycle, police use)

Material: racing-free ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT

Industry pain points:

High-impact ABS or PC/ABS can meet the application requirements, but plastics are prone to brittle fracture under high-speed impact or low temperature conditions.

For those in-vehicle calls that may be ultra-high-speed and ultra-special application scenarios such as sports vehicle-mounted, police helmets, etc., is there any plastic casing that can help you?


Kumho-sunny has launched a toughened energy-absorbing plastic Plastic Diamond® (PC/PBT alloy), which is blended through a special process to present a nano-phase state. When subjected to high-speed impact, it not only has high rigidity, but also has the same ductility as rubber, no brittle cracking, and is resistant to low temperature and low temperature fermentation, which is so applicable for sports helmets, police helmets and other safety requirements of the scene.

Basic models:

Customized types:It is good-looking, and it has super suction, and is resistant to falling and breaking.

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