PP material for conductive pipette tip

Product name: PP material for conductive pipette tips

Client: a leading customer in an industry

Material: POLY-ENABLING® Conductive PP

Industry pain points:

As a type of medical container-type consumables, the requirements of conductive pipette tips are high production efficiency and low cost, and as a sensor, the most important thing is its accuracy, which is translated into the language of the material industry: processability, stability , conductivity and application performance.

The main problems are as follows:


Based on the full understanding and research of conductive functional plastics, Kumho-sunny has successfully developed PP material for conductive pipette tips, which has been used in batches for a long time on various specifications of pipette tips from leading customers in a certain industry, providing strong support for epidemic prevention and testing.

The material's physical properties are comparable to imported products, and its market liquidity is higher than that of mass-produced imported competing products, providing a wider processing window. The fabricated tip products are stable in verticality, conductivity, insertion force and other medical application tests.

At the same time, in order to meet different processing techniques, we have launched two products (ECT0940 and ECT0941RM), each of which can match the tip products of various specifications, with good universality, which greatly facilitates production and material management.

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