DJI drones

Product name: PC2501FR-A1 PC2503I-A1 PC/ABSHAC8250NH-A1

Clients: Cooperation with DJI, AUTEL, MJX and other enterprises

Workpiece: shell, lamp shell, and battery

Customer requirements:

For a whole machine, it needs to meet the requirements of long-term flight missions and fall from high altitude without cracking. 


1. Improve efficiency

Through the improvement of formula and nursing skills, the PC can cause fatal injuries, and the PC can avoid possible product opening problems due to the internal avoidance of oversized and safety problems.

2. Authentic

In the case of ensuring the performance of the material, the material reaches the V-0 limit to ensure the safety performance of electronic products during charging and use.

The final effect is as follows:

Test item name Test standard unit condition FR60** PC94** PC250X NH-HT
IZOD notch impact strength ISO 180:2000/Amd.1:2006(E) kJ/m2 23℃ 68 73 38
bending strength ISO 178:2010/Amd.1:2013(E) MPa 2mm/min 90 90 80
tensile strength ISO 527:2012(E) MPa 50mm/min 62 63 68
vicat softening point ISO 306:2004(E) 5kg/50℃/h 142 141 160
Melt flow rate ISO 1133-1:2011(E) g/10min 300℃*1.2kg 9 10 3
density ISO 1183-1:2012(E) g/cm3 23℃ 1.2 1.2 1.2
Bending modulus ISO 178:2010/Amd.1:2013(E) MPa 2mm/min 2400 2300 2350



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