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Innovation never ends, technology achieves development - Kumho-sunny held the 2020 Annual Technology Innovation Award Ceremony

Publisher: kumhosunny

Release time: 2021-03-27

On the afternoon of February 8, Kumho-sunny held the 2020 Annual Technology Innovation Award Ceremony. The partners of innovation and development gathered together and accepted the company's highest level of courtesy for their technological innovation. A total of 35 technological innovation projects were awarded.

Let's take a look at the demeanor of the winning heroes!

Group photo of the 13 project representatives that won the nomination award

Group photo of the 12 project representatives that won the third prize

Group photo of the 6 project representatives that won the second prize

Group photo of the 3 project representatives that won the first prize

Project leader who won the special prize took a group photo with Mr. Xin

When the award-winning representatives gave their speeches, they were more grateful to the multi-departmental partners who worked together end-to-end for the mass production of the project. The reason why the "Conductive Composite Materials Development Project" can achieve pilot-to-mass production within 4 weeks and beat competitors is due to the rapid response and active cooperation of all aspects of the product line.

The person in charge of the special award project delivered the acceptance speech

The event site was also interspersed with the "Empowering Ten Billion Dollars Kumho-sunny" lucky draw, and the lucky winners will share with you their dreams of how to empower the company, and expressed the determination and confidence in the continuous development and upgrading of environmental protection materials, antibacterial materials, wear-resistant materials, functional materials, etc, and even everyone is thinking about how to develop anti-COVID-19 materials. If you have great ambitions in your heart, then great things will come!

At the end of the event, Mr. Xin highly praised the winners as the benchmarks and role models of the company and the heroes of Kumho-sunny, and explained the three dimensions of the continuous development of technology: physical technology related to products and services; application technology of human-to-human cooperation; technology of cooperation between enterprises and customers. Mr. Xin hopes to establish a knowledge management system, turn personal technology into organizational technology, and build Kumho-sunny into an enterprise with the highest technology density in the industry.

Kumho-sunny knows that technological innovation is the main driving force for the company's continuous progress and development. The amount of the company's independent technological innovation capability represents the size of the company's core competitiveness, we will continue to dig deep on the road of technological innovation, wonderful comes from self-confidence, and innovation never ends!


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