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The "Master Chef" in the Plastics Industry - Luo Minghua, Chief Technology Officer of Kumho-sunny and Shanghai Craftsman

Publisher: kumhosunny

Release time: 2021-03-27

Luo Minghua, a Shanghai craftsman who has been hailed as the "Master chef" in the plastics industry by his peers, has extremely good "Cooking" skills. Some people in the industry say that he can turn the "Potatoes" in plastic into a delicious meal.

Those discarded plastic bottles, edible oil pots, etc., which were originally environmentally friendly disposal objects, but after he found applicable raw materials and additives according to customer needs, to "design recipes, process, and temperature", then "add cooking oil and sauces and adjust carefully" , can actually turn waste into treasure and become a high-end "Ingredient". Led by him, many universities and upstream and downstream enterprises in Shanghai jointly "Cooked" the successful "COLORFUL-IN®" aesthetic plastic and "Ecoblend" environmentally friendly recycled plastic, which has undoubtedly become an important factor of winning the scientific and technological progress awards at all levels. As the darling of the home appliance and automobile manufacturing industries, the vibrant "COLORFUL-IN®is like gorgeous elf, by means of its special colors and textures to make the vision richer, and unexpected perceptions and emotions are evoked.Products designed with "COLORFUL-IN®" helped LG A7 vacuum cleaner and Fujitsu nocria®SV air conditioner win two of the world's most authoritative design awards: Germany's RedDot (Red Dot Design Award) and Germany's "IF Design Gold Award".

"Travel is a better way than to read" is the secret of the success of this "Post-80s" master graduate. However, his traveling ten thousand miles is mainly done in the laboratory and on the production line. In the dead of night, when Luo Minghua's innovative thinking is the most active, the data he has obtained in the laboratory hundreds of thousands of times, although extremely boring, in his eyes they were like stars in the night sky, and what he wants to pick is the brightest star. In those years, the famous mathematician Chen Jingrun devoted his life to studying Goldbach's conjecture, the diamond in the crown of the queen of mathematics, and made extraordinary contributions, which attracted great attention from the Chinese people, and his persistence and indomitable spirit are still remembered today.

On Luo Minghua, it seems that there is such a tenacity, it is the indomitable tenacity that makes him like a steel nail firmly nailed to his post after entering Shanghai Jinshan Kumho-sunny Plastic Co., Ltd. Since 2009, he has devoted himself to the research of reprocessed plastic, and up to now, more than ten years have passed, countless sleepless nights, and countless times of confidence in winning, and has been sprinting towards aesthetic plastics "COLORFUL-IN®", conductive plastics, anti-noise plastics, toughened energy-absorbing plastics, low-odor plastics, etc.

He constantly sums up experience and lessons from failure, and combines talents in technology, materials, aesthetics and other aspects into a special design team. His research results and forward-looking scientific research ideas have begun to affect the development of the entire modified plastics industry. However, up to now, he is still the nail that is firmly nailed to the front line of modified plastics research, and is still the veritable "Master Chef".

Anyone who has dealt with Luo Minghua has the feeling that he not only has tenacity, but is also good at leveraging, standing on the shoulders of giants in the industry and looking at higher goals. Prof. Takashi Inoue is a professor at Yamagata University, Japan, a leading expert in the polymer field in Japan, and a winner of the Prime Minister's Award, who is known as "the first person in Japan's polymer molding process". 

Luo Minghua worshipped him as a teacher and asked for advice with an open mind, what he learned from him was not only professional knowledge, but also meticulous craftsmanship. It is precisely because of the development of this craftsman spirit that in a cooperation with Japanese companies in the development of recycled plastics, the Japanese side was originally the technical guide. However, with the advancement of technical cooperation, Japanese experts gradually felt that the Chinese side Mr. Luo’s professional ability was no less than that of the Japanese side. Then, "Mr. Luo, you do it" became a pet phrase.

As expected, due to Luo Minghua's outstanding performance, this project soon reached an annual output of 5,000 tons and an annual output value of 150 million yuan. The role of this project in green environmental protection is equivalent to the adsorbing capacity of carbon dioxide by 10,000 units 30-year-old fir trees each year. Luo Minghua proudly refers to this project as building a forest in the factory, which is expanding and has played a huge role in improving the environment. Due to Luo Minghua's outstanding performance, only the key technological transformation in Shanghai that he volunteered for "Production and Construction Project of New High-performance Engineering Plastics and Its Alloys with an Annual Output of 60,000 Tons" has achieved the goal of an output value of 1.1 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 80 million yuan in the five-year production period. 

A flower brings a hundred flowers to bloom. In addition to winning the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award, Shanghai craftsman Luo Minghua also mentored students and brought out many Jinshan craftsmen and technical experts. Luo Minghua, who is a "Master chef", is still very young, and his works like "dismember an ox as skillfully as a butcher" and "It's not out of tune: it fits the beat of the dance music enjoy of Sanglin" are still wonderfully continuing, and he is moving towards a more ambitious goal.


AuthorFeng Qiang, Member of Shanghai Writers Association, Vice Chairman of Jinshan Writers Association

ProofreadingYang Chengtong


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