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Kumho-sunny has been selected into the three major ranking lists of the Top100 Enterprises in Shanghai

Publisher: kumhosunny

Release time: 2021-09-01

On August 26, Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association, Shanghai Economic Organization Federation and Jiefang Daily jointly held a Press Conference for the 2021 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises in the conference hall of China Financial Information Center. Liu Jiaping, President of Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, delivered a speech, and Guan Weiyong, President of Shanghai Economic Organization Federation and Shanghai Industrial Economy Federation, announced the "2021 Shanghai Top100 Enterprises Ranking List". Kumho-sunny was selected into the three major ranking lists of the Top100 Enterprises in Shanghai.

Since its first release in 2010, the "Shanghai Top100 Enterprises" ranking list has been widely concerned and affirmed by all walks of life due to its authority, fairness and pragmatism, which is currently the most influential enterprise ranking in Shanghai. The list is assessed from a number of comprehensive indicators such as innovation model, corporate reputation, corporate revenue, net profit, total assets, and total tax payment, in addition to the profitability of the company, more attention is paid to the development potential and strength of the company's service empowerment. The release of the ranking list is even more regarded as an indicator of the high-quality transformation and development of Shanghai's economy.



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