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Kumho-sunny Launches 2021 Quality Month Activities

Publisher: kumhosunny

Release time: 2021-08-24

Introduction: What is Quality? ISO 9001 defines it as "the extent to which a set of inherent characteristics satisfies the requirements". In layman's terms, quality is meeting customer requirements and achieving customer satisfaction; Quality is the competitiveness of products. Kumho-sunny adheres to the principle of quality first, always takes customer satisfaction as the performance measure of quality improvement, and improves customer purchasing experience through services from the three stages of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.

On the morning of August 19, 2021, the Kumho-sunny 2021 Quality Month Activity Launch Conference was held at the Jinshan Factory. The heads of various departments, quality management personnel and representatives of front-line employees attended the meeting.

The manager of the quality department explained the concept of quality awareness in the opening speech. Quality awareness is a consistent emphasis on quality by every employee from the top leadership to the grassroots. Quality awareness should be spread through practical actions, strengthened through management tools, solidified through rules and regulations, and implemented through the quality management functions of various departments to accelerate the transformation of old and backward quality concepts, so that quality awareness can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and flowed into the blood of employees, so that employees can turn compliance with quality management norms into conscious actions. 

In the first half of the year, various departments of Kumho-sunny made concerted efforts in quality improvement and achieved remarkable results. Among them, the improvement results of the COLORFUL-IN® product line are the best, and the actions of the production department are the most implemented. The improvement results of job site positioning, material anti-fouling, dumping prevention, 6S improvement, and strong magnetic filtration can be seen everywhere, and the degree of operation standardization has been significantly improved.

How to improve product quality? Its key to success is nothing more than "Three hidden dangers that cannot be ignored" and "Four kinds of irregular operations prevention", using the FIVE Why Funnel Method to analyze the root cause of the problem, and formulate a systematic solution.

At the event, everyone also discussed the quality policy of Kumho-sunny. The atmosphere of the group discussion was warm, and everyone expressed their opinions. Everyone put forward their own opinions on the quality policy, and also put forward many valuable suggestions for revision. After the meeting, the suggestions discussed would be summarized and reported to the company for the final conclusion.

At the meeting site, the participants clenched their fists together to swear the quality commitment, which was sonorous and powerful, revealing full confidence and determination in the goal of "Creating quality products", and signed on the quality signature wall, showing the courage to be a quality guardian.

The purpose of organizing the Quality Month Activities is to lead all employees to integrate quality into the planning and design of projects and products, to establish a culture of concern and commitment to process and product quality throughout the organization, and to truly achieve "Everyone pays attention to quality, everyone creates quality".

During the Quality Month of 2021, we organized a series of activities such as quality knowledge competition, quality tool training, equipment inspection and maintenance, color technology, product testing, product trial production skills competition, etc., and strove to implant quality awareness into each employee's mind and put it into practice action.

Reputation is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the guarantee of credibility. All Kumho-sunny employees are striving for a high-quality enterprise. 


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