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Kumho-sunny's first cadre training class has started!

Publisher: kumhosunny

Release time: 2021-12-13

On the afternoon of November 30, 2021, the opening ceremony of Kumho-sunny's first "Elite and Young Eagle Training Class" was grandly held at Kumho-sunny's new site. Teachers Xin Minqi, Luo Minghua, Li Qiang, Tang Yinhua and others attended the ceremony, and Wang Jie, the head teacher of the training class, presided over the meeting.

The participants consisted of tutors, students and class teachers, and in the opening ceremony, a detailed introduction was carried out around the composition of the training class and the project courses, and the atmosphere was warm.

Opening ceremony scene

Prior to the ceremony, the participants left their footprints on the sign-in stand, expressing their expectations for the first "Elite and Young Eagle Training Class".

Sign in scene

01 Mentor of Xin Minqi gave an opening speech

Xin Minqi, the mentor of the elite and young eagle training class, gave an opening speech, mainly about four aspects. The first aspect is to emphasize that there are two ways for an organization and a person to create wealth beyond ordinary people: 1. Become a genius as an individual contributor and create wealth with knowledge; 2. Create wealth through division of labor/cooperation.

Mentor of the Elite and Young Eagle Training Class - Xin Minqi

The second aspect emphasizes that the purpose of this class is to allow students to break through the cognitive world and integrate knowledge through practice.

Mentor of Xin Minqi also introduced the 721 Learning Rules to the students, that is: 70% of the effectiveness of learning comes from practice, 20% from feedback and observation, and 10% from training and education. It also emphasized that as a manager, the most difficult thing is to change yourself. If you want the team to be better, managers should think about what the team needs me to do from the outside and from the team's perspective. 

Mentor of the Elite and Young Eagle Training Class - Xin Minqi

02 Project introduction of the "Elite and Young Eagle Training Class" 

Liu Heng from the Human Resources Department gave a detailed project introduction to the "Elite and Young Eagle Training Class" from four aspects: training introduction, training implementation, assessment and application, and teacher resources.

Mentor of the Elite and Young Eagle Training Class - Liu Heng

The training classes are mainly divided into elite and young eagle classes. The young eagle class mainly focuses on improving the management capabilities of key personnel in various departments and key positions. The elite class mainly focuses on front-end management and technical management to improve strategic thinking and leadership.

Of course, in addition to allowing students to learn independently, the training course also sets up a mentoring link and an assessment link, so that students can grow rapidly in the process of communicating with their mentors and quickly absorb knowledge under the pressure of assessment.

Training and assessment methods and compositions

03 Self-introduction of the mentor team

This training class has a strong team of mentors and is mainly divided into the following modules: strategic market, project operation, supply chain, product and human resources, finance, etc.

In the mentor introduction session, each mentor introduced himself and introduced the content of each module in detail.

Strategy and Market Mentor - Luo Minghua

Operation, Project, Quality Mentor - Tang Yinhua

Supply Chain, Operation Mentor - Li Qiang

04 Team Ice-breaking Culture

After learning about the course content and mentor training, the teams in the class had a heated discussion on the team name and slogan during the team ice-breaking activities.

Elite Class: Rocket Team

Elite Class: Tiger Team

Young Eagle Class: Wonderful Team

Young Eagle Class: Wings Team

Young Eagle Class: Dongfeng Team

Young Eagle Class: Rookie Team

Young Eagle Class: Wild-horse Team

After the opening ceremony, the participants took a group photo to mark the occasion.


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