Pet appliances

Workpiece: smart water dispenser housing

Product: High-transparency, high-hardness, scratch-resistant PC AAP8005H series

How long has it been since you cut your cat's nails?

User surveys show that many people will not cut their pets' nails for more than a month; they only think of cutting their nails when they go to a pet store, which puts forward higher requirements on the scratch resistance of the material!

"Wherever there is water, it is transparent" is a common design expression in mainstream industrial design. The design of the transparent sink is also almost standard for smart water dispensers. Anyone with knowledge knows that although PMMA has the highest transparency, it is quite brittle and the cost is not applicable for small household appliances. Thus, generally mainstream household appliances and automotive fields will choose transparent PC or transparent ABS with better toughness.

However, although the toughness of choosing transparent PC or ABS has improved, which is more than enough for general home appliance applications, it is still a big problem to serve cats due to scratch resistance is a big challenge for cats, and the surface is easy to be worn, which affects the appearance and even performance. For "Cat's Iron Fist", the ideal material should be both transparency and scratch resistance!

We thought of a highly transparent scratch-resistant PC: high-hardness scratch-resistant PC AAP8005H series. It has a transmittance that is quite close to PMMA, and more importantly, it has scratch resistance unmatched by traditional PC. In addition to the general home appliance shell, high-frequency wear and tear of the vehicle interiors can also be applied. In consideration of the wide range of transparent materials, it is strongly recommended to mark the products.


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